Abandon Them, by Alan Beyersdorf
ALICE BLUE, by Chris Selmys
Arram’s Tomb, by James Beck
Bad Water, by Waking Media
A Blue Like No Other, by Dan Cox
Black Sheep, by Nic Barkdull and Matt Borgard
Bradford Mansion, by Lenard Gunda
Break Stuff, by Amy Clare Fontaine
The Call of the Shaman, by Larry Horsfield
The Chieftain, by LeSUTHU
Chuk and the Arena, by Agnieszka Trzaska
Citizen of Nowhere, by Luke A. Jones
Clusterflux, by Marshal Tenner Winter
De Novo, by cyb3rmen
Dull Grey, by Provodnik Games
Dungeon Detective 2: Devils and Details, by Wonaglot
Each-uisge, by Jan Colvin
Eldritch Everyday: The Third Eye, by Norbez
Enceladus, by Robb Sherwin
Extreme Omnivore: Text Edition, by Hazel Gold
Eye Contact, by Thomas McMullan
Faerethia, by Peter Eastman
Fat Fair, by AKheon
Flight of the CodeMonkeys, by Mark C Marino
Flygskam Simulator, by Katie Benson
For the Cats, by Lei
For the Moon Never Beams, by J. Michael
The Four Eccentrics, by Mild Cat Bean
Frenemies, by B F Lindsay
Girth Loinhammer and the Quest for the Unsee Elixir, by Damon L. Wakes
Gone Out for Gruyere, by B F Lindsay
The good people, by Pseudavid
Hard Puzzle 4: The Ballad of Bob and Cheryl, by Ade
Heretic’s Hope, by G. C. Baccaris
The House on Sycamore Lane, by Paul Michael Winters
Iamb(ici), by Jo Lourdez
Island in the Storm, by JSMaika
Jon Doe – Wildcard Nucleus, by Olaf Nowacki
Language Arts, by Jared Jackson
Let’s Play: Ancient Greek Punishment, by Pippin Barr
The Legendary Hero Has Failed, by Tom Martin
Limerick Heist, by Pace Smith
Lucerne, by Dimitri Kaviani
Mental Entertainment, by Thomas Hvizdos
Meeting Robb Sherwin, by Jizaboz
The Milgram Parable, by Peter Eastman
The Mysterious Stories of Caroline, by Soham S
Night Guard / Morning Star, by Astrid Dalmady
Ocean Beach, by James Banks
Old Jim’s Convenience Store, by Anssi Räisänen
The Ouroboros Trap, by Chad Orway
Out, by Viktor Sobol
Pas De Deux, by Linus Åkesson
Pirateship, by Robin Johnson
Poppet, by Bitter Karella
Planet C, by Mark Carew
Randomized escape, by Yvan Uh.
Remedial Witchcraft, by dgtziea
Río Alto: forgotten memories, by Ambrosio
Rip Retold, by Hipolito
Roads Not Taken, by Doug Egan
robotsexpartymurder, by Hanon Ondricek
Saint City Sinners, by dgallagher
the secret of vegibal island, by ralf tauscher
The Shadow Witch, by Healy
Skies Above, by Arthur DiBianca
Skybreak!, by William Dooling
Slugocalypse, by Charlotte
Sugarlawn, by Mike Spivey
Summer Night City, by ghoti
The Surprise, by Candy Meldromon
The Sweetest Honey, by Mauro Couto
Treasure Hunt in the Amazon, by Kenneth Pedersen and Niels Søndergaard
Truck Quest, by Donald Conrad and Peter M. J. Gross
Turandot, by Victor Gijsbers
Under the Sea, by Heike Borchers
The Untold Story, by Michael Pavano
URA Winner, by Carter Sande
Valand, by Ann Hugo
Very Vile Fairy File, by Billy Boling
Winter Break at Hogwarts, by Brian Davies
Zozzled, by Steph Cherrywell