“Slugocalypse” is a short, silly game that recreates a B-movie in a choice-based interactive fiction format.

Gameplay: The goal of the game is to thwart or escape the giant slugs occupying the protagonist’s town, but the experience is similar to that of watching a monster movie; it’s not intended to taken seriously or treated as a puzzlefest to solve. The tone of the game is light throughout, and its humor mostly comes through juxtaposition of random, unexpected things rather than any character- or plot-driven devices. 5/10.

Mechanics: The game is choice-based, but it’s difficult to predict a priori what the effects of any particular decision will be. There are multiple endings, but the determination of which one the player is moving toward depends on happening to be in the right place the right time, rather than anything the player deliberately does. That’s not a problem for a game as short and light as this one, though, and the game does have a bit of state (e.g., money and inventory items. 5/10.

Presentation: The game is lightly comedic, though it tries a bit hard at time to be absurd. The text isn’t extensive or descriptive, but its tone does capture that of a late-night monster movie. 5/10.

You might be interested in this game if: You dislike slugs.

Score: 5

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