Although I’ve seen very few horror movies, the tropes in it are still familiar to me. “For the Moon Never Beams” is a parser-based parody of the genre that hits all the familiar beats of a horror B-movie while retaining its sense of humor.

Gameplay: The game opens with a high-school student’s prom date suddenly turning into a werewolf. The rest of the game involves trying to escape from her and, eventually, to free her from her curse. Despite its premise, the game is realistic modulo the assumptions of the genre, and the puzzles are reasonable with those conventions in mind. 7/10.

Mechanics: While many of the puzzles are standard adventure-game ones about finding items in the environment and using them in the correct spaces, some of the more clever puzzles in the game (particularly the one in which the player finally confronts the werewolf) rely on knowing horror movie tropes. The game isn’t overly silly, and it’s not a deconstruction of the genre; the situation is played mostly straight throughout. 6/10.

Presentation: The writing in the game maintains a consistent tone of light parody. It’s not a particularly long game, and the pacing in it is reasonable (which is often difficult to pull off in parodies). The setup for the ending is more elaborate than the other puzzles in the game, and completing it gives a satisfying resolution to both the characters and the player 6/10.

You might be interested in this game if: You enjoy horror movies both ironically and unironically.

Score: 6

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