Although it’s a simple story about the protagonist’s coming out to his or her mother, “Out” is a smooth, polished game with an extensive environment.

Gameplay: Gameplay is straightforward, and there’s never any doubt about what to do. What’s remarkable about it is that all the details of the setting are implemented. Even minor features of the setting are recognized and can be interacted with. 6/10.

Mechanics: Despite the small scope of the game, there are numerous things to interact with. There aren’t any puzzles or any significant plot; the goal of the game is to show the feelings of its main character, and the setting is descriptive enough to do so over a short time and in a few rooms. 5/10.

Presentation: The writing is strong throughout, and it’s genuinely charming to explore successively more gigantic sections of the universe with your dog. 6/10.

You might be interested in this game if: You want an evocative game that you can finish in five minutes.

Score: 6

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