“Gone Out for Gruyere” is a light, puzzle-based game with comedic elements and an absurd but enjoyable premise.

Gameplay: Gameplay is smooth throughout. Some of the puzzles are difficult, but they’re all reasonable with a bit of experimenting. It’s clear from at least midway through the game what the central puzzle of the game— obtaining the cheese— involves, and that fact motivates the smaller puzzles in the game despite its absudist elements. 7/10.

Mechanics: The puzzles make sense despite the surrealism of the setting, and they’re more interesting than just use inventory objects on other inventory objects. Even though the game is clearly not intended to be taken seriously, its puzzles are consistent and rewarding. 7/10.

Presentation: The introduction is completely absurd, and it sets a strong tone for the remainder of the game. There’s a minor issue with the syntax for answering a riddle near the beginning of the game (SAY “[ANSWER]” and variants aren’t recognized, but GNOME, [ANSWER] is fine), but gameplay is otherwise smooth. Despite the game’s focus on the mechanics of the puzzles, the introductory and concluding scenes of the game are well-written and satisfying. 7/10.

You might be interested in this game if: You want a short, puzzle-based game that has a surreal setting but reasonable puzzles.

Score: 7

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