“Eye Contact” is a simple choice-based game in which the player is shown the eyes of a character as the narrator has a conversation with her.

Gameplay: The conversation is played out through a short series of choices, and the player can literally see how the character reacts to them. There’s little interactivity to the game, and the conversation ends without any major relevations or narrative conclusion. The game could be interesting as a demonstration of how much information in a conversation (as opposed to a prepared, written text) is conveyed through eye contact and body language, or even something similar to the Kuleshov effect, but I didn’t find that it raised any compelling questions for me. 3/10.

Mechanics: There are few branching points in the conversation, and I didn’t notice any major differences in playing the game twice with different choices. There’s not much for the reader to do besides gauge the emotions of the other character based on the dialogue and her expression. 2/10.

Presentation: The conversation in the game is short and mundane. The interlocutor’s emotions vary significantly over it, but it doesn’t have any significance otherwise; there’s no narrative to unravel or character study to undertake. It feels like a dialogue in an exercise from an acting class, rather than something more genuine. 3/10.

You might be interested in this game if: You’re interested in how an actor would react to interactive fiction.

Score: 3

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