“Iamb(ici)” is a choice-based game showing the interactions among the denizens of an online poetry forum.

Gameplay: Gameplay is straightforward, with the player visiting different boards and navigation a few interactions there. There are numerous endings based on the character’s actions, and the game is short enough to replay to find more of them. The main plot point in the game is the real nature of one particular forum member, but I didn’t find that revelation surprising. 4/10.

Mechanics: It’s unclear how exactly the choices made determine the ending, even (at least in its initial stages) for the one labeled the “true ending.” There are some genuine branching points, but many of the links just advance static text. 4/10.

Presentation: Although I played through the game three times and found a different ending each time, none of them were particularly memorable to me. The idea underlying the game is solid, but its pacing is a bit slow, and when the revelation is made, it isn’t deep or shocking enough to be a satisfying resolution to the game. 5/10.

You might be interested in this game if: You write poetry and have struggled with writer’s block.

Score: 4

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