“Fat Fair” is a game about excess, with its gratuitously off-putting main character perpetrating a variety of crimes.

Gameplay: In the first half of the game, the main character attempts to set up the titular fair; in the second, he tries to cover up or mitigate the disasters that occur from his actions. The protagonist is set up to be as repulsive as possible even before the events at the fair, with the game narrating one scene as: “And then— as often happened to Borsch at the sight of food— he lost control. He dropped on his knees and started devouring both canned food and earth alike in large gulps.” The game’s Grand-Guignol-style excess and crass low comedy become annoying even before the end of the first scene, and there’s no escape from them in the rest of the game. 2/10.

Mechanics: The puzzles in the game aren’t bad, but timers throughout the game make it frustrating to play. The main character’s obesity has ruined his vision, so the player must have him whoop periodically in the game to allow him to navigate by echolocation. It’s weak even as a one-shot joke, but turning it into the equivalent of a hunger timer is a pain and serves no purpose.3/10.

Presentation: It’s not necessarily a problem that the protagonist has no redeeming features as a person, but there’s nothing to make him interesting to the player as a character. The bulk of the game is gross-out or shock humor, which gets old quickly. 2/10.

Tilt: There’s a raven flying around the fair for some reason, and the protagonist can interact with it. +1.

You might be interested in this game if: You liked the episode of South Park in which Cartman runs an amusement park.

Score: 3

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