“Extreme Omnivore” is a bare-bones parser game in which the protagonists wanders around his apartment until dinner is ready.

Gameplay: Gameplay consists simply of touring the different rooms available to the narrator, after which the kitchen inexplicably opens up. There are no puzzles or narrative to the game, and the descriptions are too terse and uninteresting for the game to be satsifying to explore. Even following the provided walkthrough, I never found a real ending; the narrator just successfully eats his dinner, without any real feedback or resolution. 3/10.

Mechanics: The only real depth to the game is the number of objects that exist in the universe. Each of the rooms has a wide array of items in them, but they offer little interactivity or description. There’s simply not much to do in the game. 3/10.

Presentation: Items are poorly implemented, and there are numerous typos. Unusually for Inform games, the latter includes several problems with articles (e.g,. “You see nothing special about pie,” or, “You open the velvet bag, revealing a dice,” actually referring to a set of polyhedral dice.) Despite its sparse implementation, the game contains several guess-the-verb problems. Thus, for example, ASK INA ABOUT DINNER and ASK INA ABOUT SOUP aren’t recognized, but ASK INA ABOUT FOOD and ASK INA FOR SOUP are. 2/10.

You might be interested in this game if: You’d like a quick, simple parser game.

Score: 3

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