“For the Cats” is a short, choice-based game in which the protagonist attempts to save a set of cats.

Gameplay: The game is set up like a better variety of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novel, with several different characters and plot paths available. Each path is relatively short; the game is designed to be played repeatedly, the goal being experiencing the ten different endings. I didn’t find the setup or the narrative particularly compelling, though, despite the range of paths that can be taken. Each route is in effect a vignette about the industrial dystopia in which the game takes place, but even collectively they don’t establish a strong feel for the setting or show off its unique charcteristics. 5/10.

Mechanics: The game does take advantage of its medium, and it offers genuine state and branching paths. It’s not a deep or involved game (nor is it intended to be), but the different routes are distinct. The dystopia never felt real or threatening enough for the variations in the routes to have much of a narrative or emotional effect, though I did get the feeling that the choices I made did matter .5/10.

Presentation: The writing is solid, but I didn’t find it particularly evocative or memorable. Comic Sans is an odd font to choose for the game. 4/10.

You might be interested in this game if: You like choice-based games with lots of short paths through them.

Score: 5

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