“The Four Eccentrics” is a completely surreal parser-based game that requires dream-logic to solve its puzzles.

Gameplay: Due to the game’s theme and setting, it’s difficult to describe its gameplay. There are puzzles throughout the game, but both the obstacles and solutions are totally surreal. One of the early puzzles, for examples, involves extracting a weevil from the brain of a dream-weaver and then filling in her outline with ink. The game fully embraces its dream-logic, and it’s entertaining to try to make sense of the alien mechanics. 5/10.

Mechanics: The puzzles are odd, but they do have an internal logic that’s noticeable once the player starts to make sense of the surrealism of the game. Exploring the world is a more satisfying experience that it would be in a more straightforward game because of its unexpected features and the creative mechanics required to do so. 5/10.

Presentation: The game stays in its dreamlike setting throughout, and the text successfully conveys its bizarre nature. Even if it’s often difficult to understand exactly what’s going on in the game, its characters and setting are vividly described, and interacting with them is enjoyable. 5/10.

You might be interested in this game if: You like games involving dream-logic.

Score: 5

One thought on “The Four Eccentrics, by Mild Cat Bean

  1. Just came across this review — I’m the author, and am delighted by your take. I completely understand that it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but the fact you have essentially described here everything that I set out to do with this story is rather gratifying. Thank you!

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