“Lucerne” is a dark fairy tale that’s an excellent short story but has no interactivity.

Gameplay: The game is choice-based, but it has literally no choices. There are a few links to click on to advance the narrative, but they’re single links at the ends of long pages of text. There aren’t even multiple links that have the same effect or ones that immediately end the story. As such, there isn’t any gameplay. It’s a great narrative that I genuinely enjoyed reading, but that’s all there is to it: It’s an excellent short story that the player simply passively reads. 1/10.

Mechanics: There are no mechanics. 1/10.

Presentation: The narrative is strong. It has a consistently creepy tone to it, and it succeeds in capturing the tone of a well-crafted but dark fairy tale or bedtime story for children. 5/10.

You might be interested in this game if: You like reading fairy tales.

Score: 2

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