“The secret of vegibal island” is a long, parser-based game whose depth is marred by errors in its text and implementation.

Gameplay: The game is in large part a parody of the Monkey Island series. In exploring the island, the protagonist can prove his worth as a pirate by solving various puzzles. The gameplay is sloppy, though, with frequent typos and odd word choices (or translations errors) such as “You have a treasure (closed).” (The object in question seems to be something like a Kinder egg.) The competition build even has test comments still active in it, including one to complete the game in its entirety. 2/10.

Mechanics: Some of the puzzle ideas are clever and take advantage of the game’s theme, such an early one about buried treasure. It’s difficult to progress in the game or even sustain interest in it, though, due to the numerous issues with its implementation. 3/10.

Presentation: Typos are ubiquitous throughout the game (e.g., “Its a creamy puff,” or “There is this a guy working here.”). Punctuation marks, especially periods, are often missing, and capitalization is haphazard. Not only are test commands are still present in the release version of the game, but the included walkthrough even uses them. 2/10.

You might be interested in this game if: You liked the Monkey Island series of games by LucasArts.

Score: 2

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