“The King of the World” is a short choice-based game involving a quest for magical artifacts in a fantasy land.

Gameplay: The game comprises three main sections of approximately equal length. The first is an introductory chapter with exactly one choice. The second involves a series of decisions about leading an army, with some basic stats (supplies, morale, and time) that are raised and lowered by the choices. If the stats are high enough by the end of the chapter, you win; otherwise, you lose and have to reset the section. The third chapter is a maze to navigate. After those three chapters, there’s also a section describing the result of the quest. The game feels a bit generic in setting and plot, but changing the mechanics in each chapter is a creative touch 4/10.

Mechanics: The first chapter has very little interactivity, and the second one involves making choices to keep stats as high as possible, with little branching in the text. The third chapter’s maze is tedious, especially given the lack of the usual tools for trudging through them: provided maps, automappers, the ability to drop items to distinguish rooms, etc. There’s nothing at all rewarding to the player in solving a maze. 3/10.

Presentation: The setting, plot, and characters are stock ones from fantasy, and the idea of the quest in the game is a familiar one. The long stretches of static text in the opening and the terse descriptions of the maze in the last full chapter detract from the prose. 3/10.

You might be interested in this game if: You like games that involve a succession of different mechanics, like mini-games.

Score: 3

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