“Intelmission” is a choice-based game about a group on an intel mission, shown as a radioed conversation between the protagonist actually on the mission and a remote team supporting her. The player only sees the conversation and overheard sound effects, putting them in the same situation as the remote team. Aside from the few dialogue choices for the protagonist it offers, the focus of the game is on the banter among the spies.

Gameplay: The game is presented as a series of conversations directed to or just overheard by that team, with the protagonist giving commentary as appropriate. It’s a solid idea for a game, but in practice it feels like passively watching the protagonist like another member of the support team. There’s not much for the player to do, and the few options that are given have little effect on the game. The overall experience is like listening to a radio play about an espionage mission: It’s competently done, but the player is just along for the ride. 3/10.

Mechanics: There are long stretches without any interactivity, and the choices that are occasionally presented do’t matter. With the added unnecessary and frustrating delays between messages, it was difficult for me to sustain interest in the game. 2/10.

Presentation: The game is structured as a conversation among secret agents (or similar actors), and so there isn’t much description aside from their discussions. The characters are stock ones, including the two with a previous romantic entanglement, and I didn’t find their interactions particularly original or interesting. The custom-made interface is well-suited to the game’s setup as a secret conversation between spies in the field. 4/10.

You might be interested in this game if: You like “Archer,” particularly its later seasons.

Score: 3

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