“Time Passed” is a short choice-based game about the narrator’s encounter as an adult with a boy he had a crush on when they were in school.

Gameplay: The story switches back and forth between the present and the narrator’s memories of school. The plot doesn’t branch; the choices merely advance the plot linearly or expand details of the author’s state of mind or recollections. There is one meaningful choice the player can make, but one of the two options ends the story immediately. 3/10.

Mechanics: There isn’t much to do in the story itself; the only interactivity is clicking on links to advance the plot. It might have worked better as an ordinary short story than in this format. 3/10.

Presentation: The author’s tone is consistent throughout. The two personalities of the two characters are developed over the course of the game (the crush’s through the narrator’s point of view, which reinforces his dilemma), both in the present and in flashbacks. The latter are shown with a different background color than the former, which is a nice touch.4/10.

You might be interested in this game if: You want to read a deliberately paced but short character study.

Score: 3

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