This choice-based game describes a chance meeting between an android and a former acquaintance. The narrator is currently employed as a dealer at a casino; the acquiantance is from another line of work.

Gameplay: It’s an well-written short story, richly evoking a sci-fi future without describing all the specifics of the universe. In that regard, it’s similar to “+=x”; the main difference is that while that game is deliberately enigmatic, “I Should Have Been That I Am” relies on emphasizing very specific details and allows the player to sketch in the whole picture. It’s a strong effect, especially in the pensive flashbacks throughout the story. 5/10.

Mechanics: There’s very little interaction in the game itself; play consists of either simply advancing the text or reading a bit of background information, with little agency in the game. (The specific cards dealt varied in repeated plays, for example, but not significantly so.) 3/10.

Presentation: The writing is strong, and the overall effect is one of reading a good sci-fi story. There are a few bells and whistles, like hte cards and the format of the last decision point, but it’s mostly a bare-bones choice-based game. 6/10.

You might be interested in this game if: You like sci-fi novels involving questions of identity.

Score: 5

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